Writer Wednesday: The Write Turn


I have enough trouble figuring out left from right, east to west, but The Write Turn certainly provides helpful information in which direction to go as a writer of short story fiction.

You see what I did there? Using a play on words…yeah, whatever…

It’s a streamlined site, easy to navigate, and includes pages on ‘how to’, story idea, writing exercises, publishing, the writing life, and competitions. The Write Turn offers tons of basic information on writing, offering plenty of reading material as well as exercises and food for thought.

Planning a short story

5 Basic Ways to Self-publish a Book

How to Write Using Writing Rituals (I needed this one)

That’s just a few of the posts you can find there. The author also offers a free book of writing prompts if you sign up for updates.

If you know of any bloggers, vloggers, authors, or other writers, post in comments or email so I can share on my Wednesday posts. Winking smile


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