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While exploring the medium of video blogging on Youtube, I’m also exploring what appeals to the viewer in the way of blogs and youtube channels.

For instance, most blogs have a shtick, or specific topic. Here are some examples of vloggers (video bloggers):

Freddiew– Freddie Wong is an American movie maker who focuses his youtube channel on entertaining short films. He also shares the behind-the-scenes movie making videos.

Real Life Mario Kart

Gamer Commute

CGP Grey, on the other hand, focuses informative and educational videos, crammed full of facts. He does this with a wonderful flare of humor as well.

Coffee, The Greatest Addiction

How to Become Pope

Although the medium is video, I find the content entertaining, and even informative.  The channels are, however, specific to something. Viewers go there, subscribe to them, anticipating more of the same.

I found some amazing author vlogs as well;

Vlogbrothers– With bestseller author, John Green, and his brother, Hank Green, vlog back and forth to one another.  You’ll find tons of topics, but their theme touches upon sharing thoughts and information to one another. He shares his experience as a writer on his video A Day in the life of a writer (who has no friends).

JacksonAPearce– This author shares her opinions as well as her experiences as an author. Her video Misconceptions covers author misconceptions people have about writing.

Although the non-writing topics can be interesting, its their experiences with becoming authors that bring me back.

Other blog, not writer related, includes the same gimmick with sticking to a theme.

Some examples include:

The Featured Creature- This blog posts regularly interesting animals, often adding photos or even video. You can find other blogs talking about animals, but this offers stunning photography with amazing animals. You’ll find the exotic, the gorgeous, and even bizarre creatures at this site.

The Bloggess- Although she writes on a many different topics, her gimmick includes a special snarkiness and humor. She is, in fact, the Queen of Snark, and well worth reading her popular post, And here is why you should learn to pick your battles which left me in stitches. Its hilarious.

My youtube channel is a bit too  mix-and-match. I talk about homeschool, my spirituality, my pets, and sometimes tutorials on word processing. I don’t have a shtick. I’m not that entertaining. I’m not sure how informative I am, and doubts continually scream at me to just stop. I have to wonder if other blogger and vlogger feel the same.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of a specific vlog/blogger? What keeps you coming back? What’s the appeal? Post in comments.




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