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IMG_1326What should one say to sum up who they are for the general populous online? Up until recently, I enjoyed the anonymity of hiding behind the Frootbat31 name, hoping readers would judge my writing solely on the writing alone. But I do understand a need to know more about the writer of the words.

So here goes…

My name is Sharon Poffinberger. I’m a 46-year-old wife, mother, and organizer of a local writer’s group. I work part-time as a computer consultant/tutor/tech. I’m a homeschooling mom, with hobbies of graphic design, web design, photography, and reading.

I love writing for my blogs, websites, and articles. I also write fiction in horror, fantasy, and science fiction. I’ve published short stories such as Fireflies at Yahoo Contributors, and Into the Shade at Amazon. I also have a poem, A Token Of His Love at Yahoo, as well.

I like crafting, depending on my mood. I’ve made jewelry, paper crafts, and a few other things.

You can email me directly with questions or comments at frootbat31@gmail.com

My sites:

My Life is an Adventure– my personal blog, photography, writing, and all the other stuff I do in one site.

Learnthepc.net I own my own business where I teach computers on-site at people’s homes and place of business. I also do tech work and consulting.

Moon and Shadow- I follow an eclectic pagan spirituality influenced by Wicca, Taoism, and Buddhism, with a bit of tribal belief mixed in. This is my blog where I add my thoughts, beliefs, practices, and ideas.

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  1. I first ran into this site on my Kindle and couldn’t wait to get off and look up this community of writers. If I tell you that I’ve only just started writing after mulling it over for the past 1 ears, then you’ll know how excited about this I am.

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